Gave you some crit. Really awesome work there!
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Thanks for the crit.
Glen's Funk Song - Man this is awesome! That bass is Kick ass! Nice tone on the guitar too. I think a vocal track would set this song off but it doesn’t really need it. 5/5

Never Enough - Cool Tune, well constructed and great quality, The bass is great again, I like the riffs, Vocal line and vox in general are great, maybe you could have put a little bit more variety in the solo other than that it's a great listen 5/5

Smoke and Mirrors - Catchy riff, every thing is spot on apart from going slightly off when the vocal harmony comes in on the chorus. Love the solo, sweet wah, the lead on the last chorus is nice. Again 5/5

Great stuff man, I'll check you guys out again.
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Woahh I really like this, can't wait to hear some more tracks from you guys!

Glen's Funk Song is amazing, some really great instrument work there, the bass is insane!

Smoke and Mirrors, the chorus is really catchy, something one would be able to sing along with. Really nice guitar, I like the main riff alot, and the lead/solo parts are great.

Again with Never Enough, really good sounding riffs, and just basicly all well constructed songs. Great recording quality too, which is fantastic, makes a song so much more enjoyable.

Really good style you got going here, and yeah, get some more tracks up! Really enjoyed listening to these.

Can you crit the song on my profile, "Beneath the Soil" please? Thanks, all help appriciated.
I left a comment on your profile

Thanks all for the kind words
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Hi there, first off, thanks for listening to my song!

I listened to Glen's Funk Song, it's incredible! Nice beat, great bass, great guitar work, every instrument shows their proficiency and sounds good at the same time, not a boring bit of the song at all! I really like the way the instruments each had their own part of the song as a whole and all contributed equally, great bassing, great guitar work and great drumming!

Glen's Funk Song- The bass is freakin awesome. I love the part at 1:27 when the distortion kicks in and you play those harmonics, and how the bass and guitar were soloing back and forth. Great tone, simple chord progression but still freakin awesome. Stand out instrument would have to be the bass. great work.

Never Enough- Nice metal tone and riffs. Again the bass really stands out. Vocals were pretty good, just try to put more rasp in your voice, if that makes since. Great chorus. The solo fits in so perfectly, very nice.

Smoke And Mirrors- Very nice guitar work. Again great vocals and chorus. I like how you did the harmonies in the chorus. great solo.

Keep up the great work. Thanks for the crit.
Could you crit another song of mine?
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Awesome bass and funky guitar. The drum`s are ok. I don`t listen to this kind of stuff much. But it`s cool hear it once in a while. The harmonic riff is cool! Very nice, im not that much into bass solo`s but the guitar vs bass was pretty cool, live it certainly would be a good song. 2:58 is long enough btw.

Never Enough, better drum? The drums are a bit weak I think. The riff is good but maybe it would be if you play it faster. The verse is cool because of the two chords with some bass-licks or notes who are let ring. The chorus is also really nice! Especially that chord that should be minor, but is major. I really like those things (Audioslave - Shape of Things to Come vocals, and you`ll get it) In the breakdown you notice that it is a bit slow. Nice feedback. The solo might also have a fast lick wich is not tapped.

Smoke & Mirrors:
Good chords, especially the last one of the intro. That riff is pretty funky. Especially the break. The vocals are a bit RHCP and good. But the chorus isn`t that powerfull, and the vocals should be forced sometimes a bit like Breaking Benjamin to give it more power perhaps. It`s too soft sometimes. The solo is good. It`s fast but it also is melodic wich I like. but the drum should be more heavy, maybe an onteco somewhere.

If you were going to gig I would definately come and go to see when you come in Holland.

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