Hello I'm trying to play 'Black Hole Sun' by Soundgarden.

When I play this part, I am barring the notes to make the sound smoother:


but when I change to:


I am also barring the A, D and G string, but if I leave my pinky on the D string after initially playing the A# ...then my pinky somehow mutes the next note (the D on the A string). But if I take the pinky off rather than leaving on whilst I play the whole of the above, then it somehow how sounds disrupted and not smooth.

What do you think is better: practicing until I can play with the pinky left on...or just play the A# and then take the pinky off while I play the rest of the notes? Which would you do?
Just practice with yer pinky on, it'll just take "training" if you will to arch your pinky finger properly and give it the strength to play properly.
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practice, you have to put your pinky straighter, so you don't block any other strings...
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I think the secret behind getting this right is getting your hand/arm further around the neck of the guitar, having your thumb at about the middle of the neck.