First off I want to apologize because there is another thread. But it is almost a year old now and I can't find it with the search function.

I just wanted to ask people to check us out on myspace and send us a friends request. We always like to hear from other bands, and always comment back and all that stuff. Also, help us pick which photo we should use in an upcoming press release if you have a minute.

We're playing our biggest show yet on April 10 in Bangor. It's a benefit battle of the bands for the Make A Wish foundation called Rock For Wishes. We're pretty pumped cause it's the first flier we've been on and we were the only other band besides the one that made the flier to get a picture on it.

Anyways, that flier is being redone and we need help picking which picture should go on it. We have a whole new album. This is also the picture that will go in the paper.

So if you have a minute, come over to the myspace, post here, whatever, and I'll return the favor.