im thinking 3 for the drums and one for my amp
and then the bass can go straight into the mixer and the other guitar has a multi-fx so that can pretty much line-in too right?

we want to basically record it live (apart from vocals) because we're generally awful at trying to time our tracks when we record one at a time, so where should we put the mics on the drums and on my amp to get a good sound, and we'll all be in the same room i think so how can we stop the sound bleeding into other mics?

i might see if i can get my amp in another room though, but the bass and the other guitar shouldnt be a problem - we're not micing them.

any tips?
well. . . . . . .
it would prolly be better to do them one at a time. however, since you don't want to do that. the way you have it described right now is the best way. try to minimize bleed between mics as much as possible.
doing vocals afterwards is a great call.

could you perhaps try doing the bass and drums together? then doing guitar? then doing vocals? That way the drummer know's where he is?

and also. . . .USE A METRONOME