solder's got tin and lead in it.
how bad is breathing in the solder smoke?
i try to avoid the smoke trail, but even the scent has the molecules of what ever is in the smoke.
what else might be in there that i'm breathing in? should i get a respirator?
of course there are pro guitar techs who breath this stuff on a daily basis. so i'm not getting it nearly as bad as others
if anything wear one of those mask things people wear when they paint.. you're prolly fine though
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unless youre breathing it all day it shouldnt be harmfull, just turn your head to breath
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Not very harmful.

At my school, we have 20 kids using non-RoHS compliant solder for an hour a day in a small room, we've been doing it for years and no one is dead.

I wouldn't worry, but maybe ask your doctor and pick up a 3M mask or something to be safe.
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There are two things to be aware at when using 60/40 rosin core solder.

1) It lead based, either wear gloves or make sure you wash any part of your body that comes in contact.

2) Rosin smoke itself isn't bad in small amounts, although I'd question whether getting any in you is actually a good thing. Do what I do! Open the windows, get a small fan, go very close and to the side of where your soldering and make sure your upwind. I've yet to actually smell rosin because of my process.

And of course always wear glasses. Even the ****tiest of reading glasses can prevent hot lead from getting in your eyes. Safety first, its a small effort on your part to keep your vision for life.
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Ihnalling any type of smoke is bad...
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most solder is now lead-free.....they say it right on the packaging.
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Ihnalling any type of smoke is bad...

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Solder Fumes and YOU

From the UK Health and Safety Executive.

In a working OR SCHOOL environment, solder fumes should be draw away by an extractor.

You should wear a dust mask as a minimum if you will be soldering for a longer period.

I you were to do it near an open window, then that will help.
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I kinda like the smell of solder, of course I don't breathe in the smoke trail...
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I kinda like the smell of solder, of course I don't breathe in the smoke trail...

But the smell is fine...
Can't be good for you...
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Can't be good for you...

Clear proof. I mean, if it wasn't solder fumes that made him see Chocolate Rain, what could it have been?