all i do is use a slightly damp cloth and wipe it parallel to the fret bars, making sure not to get an excess of water on it. works fine to get grime off, just make sure you dont get water between the frets.
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I use a wet cloth then wipe it down with a dry cloth.
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cloth? tissue?
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I use a soft toothbrush and some water instead of the wet cloth, it helps to get the dirt close to the frets of. Then I wipe of excess water with a dry cloth.
Damp not wet! Open pored wood absorbs water especially when it's been dried to make a fretboard. Some professional recommendations I've read about include:
plastic credit card used as a scraper to clean buildup from the fingerboard, '0000' steel wool to clean buildup and pores (not on maple though! ruins the finish),
Naptha applied to a rag sparingly to help dissolve sweat/mung, buffing with a clean flannel cloth, use of breath to apply moisture to small areas then wipe.
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I think the TS is talking about the back of the neck, not the fretboard. A damp cloth indeed will work. Just use a lil' elbow grease to get the gunk off. But it really wouldn't hurt to get some guitar polish. I find that it works.
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