I just watched the steve vai jemini pedal video, and was wondering if there was any way to get the tone of the steve on the right with the white guitar without buying the jemini? What pedals/amps would be necessary?
A good tube amp(i'm not sure which one Vai uses) and a Keeley mod Boss DS1.
Carvine Legacy head and insane technical skills.
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probably lots of gain, lows and mids around half and lots of highs
i don't actually think it's that tone that's so great, if anything it's a little fizzy, but steve's playing makes it sound amazing.
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i personally hate vai's tone.


if you want steve vai's tone...start looking into cloning...you are not steve vai, you don't have his fingers, his ability, nor his EXACT gear, so therefore, you will never achieve his tone.....

if you want a kind of similar, maybe close but always unhappy tone, go out, buy a Carvin Legacy amplifier, a couple of carvin legacy guitar cabinets, and a tube screamer and boss ds-1
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