Hi all, looking for a few broken consoles that you would be willing to let go for cheap. Offer most things, 360, ps3, psp, ds, n64, snes, nes, megadrive, you get the idea.

The cheaper the better.
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how do i go about money transaction, and location, i have a 360 featuring the kick arse red rings of death

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Nevermind, you're in Austrailia so no point in sending a PM. I'm in England and only wish to deal in England.
I have a fully working PSP-1003 perfect condition. Battery is about two months old.

Havnt played it in about a month, I think its on 5.01 M33 firmware possibly M33-2

How much were you thinking of spending?
I have a soft-modded orginal xbox, it's the version 1.0 too, the very first version of xbox's.

I have like 25 games, 3 controllers + a connector i made to hook up stuff with usb to the xbox
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i have an xbox with like 10 games i would be willing to part with, and ill ship it if you pay shipping
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