Hey guys

What are the best pick-ups for getting really nice screaming harmonics?
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I get great harmonics out of my Seymour Duncan p-rail pickup. It's high output (louder and brighter than my JB in the bridge), and two independent singlecoils, so you get plenty of volume and clarity.
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lol I get screaming harmonics from my hellraiser xD
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Stupid name.
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not EMGs. They're really dead, as far as I'm concerned.
Blackouts have much better harmonics,
and I love my SD Screamin Demon. It has really rich harmonics.

And LP is right, you want clarity over anything else. It'll help with solos, too, trust me.
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your schecter is fine. just turn up that gain and the highs. I get pinch harmonics that are insane.
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