I'm bleeding out of my bellybutton and I don't know why. Well, I think the bleeding stopped, but this is still rather confusing.

So here's the situation:

I woke up about around 10ish... Laid around for a bit, but decided to actually get up and go to the bathroom. I look in the mirror to fix my hair and play "minesweeper" aka check for zits. After a minute I look down and see three drops of blood on the sink. First thing I do is check my face. Nothing. So I think maybe I missed it when I came in. Maybe dad had a mild nose bleed. I turn around to pee, then I turn back around and look at the blood and then I lift up my shirt because I feel a slight pain in my naval and see a trail of blood that doesn't quite reach my pj's. I check the inside of my shirt, one tiny little speck of blood. I grab some paper to clean up with and walk back to my room. No blood at all on my sheets.

So I literally started bleed while standing over the sink. Spontaneous naval bleeding? All that time sleeping, tossing around in the sheets, not a drop. But I get up to walk 10 feet to the bathroom...?

People? What the hell?

And don't tell me I'm going to die. I kinda have a history with mild infections in my bellybutton. Something happened when I was born, I think. No idea. A year or two ago it started happening, I told my parents about it and they told me something about how I used to get that alot as a baby... I think. I can't remember what the hell they said. Don't know why this sh*t wasn't a problem for 19-20 years, but now it's something I have to deal with every few months.

Normally it goes away with regular daily washing in the shower. Whenever it kicks up, it smells bad. That's my first clue. I'll have to clean it out a few times a day (at any bathroom sink). So it usually has funky lint in there, but also red crusty stuff, which could have been a small amount of dry blood. And if it was dry blood, my bellybutton never bled this much. And it doesn't smell this time. So now, I'm just bleeding for no reason. No idea why. This could be related to my periodic infections, but I see no other signs at this time.

So, yeah... I kinda don't expect real advice, but I figured I'd toss this one out there and see if anyone heard of this before.
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tl;dr But from what I scanned of it, something sounds ****ed up. I'd go to the docs or something, bellybuttons aren't supposed to bleed.