I'm looking at a few cheap audio interfaces and I'm stuck between THIS and THIS.


Pro: Two inputs and two headphone outputs, usb-b slot (can be replaced), looks more attractive, better quality
Con: £20 more expensive....that's about it.

Behringer UCG102
Pro: Cheaper
Con: Only one input, Behringer so likely to crap out, sound apparently isnt as good as the ESI

So my question is; Is the ESI worth the extra £20? I'm 16 with a low disposable income so its fairly important I don't waste my money.

Thanks people
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The guitarist from Spastic ink recorded a whole album with Behringer gear....lol

The ESI is probably a better bet for sure.
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You're right, sorry. I spend so much time in here I just assume it's where everyone comes to ask questions.
Line 6 Flextone III Plus
Behringer FCB1010 Emulating a FBV Longboard
r&r is the best place for questions like these.

knowing very little between each of these products.. i'd say go for the one that looks the sturdiest.

its a tough call if either of these guys will sound much good (i find anything thats strictly USB powered distorts quickly and doesnt' sound too pleasing..) but at the same time.. since you don't have a whole lot of cash, it'd certainly be better than nothing when you're just jotting down ideas and maybe a song demo here and there.
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