I'm looking into buying a noise reduction pedal once I get my Mesa since I'm pretty sure its going to make some noise.

But I'm not sure which one to get!

The boss ns-2 is used by so many of my favorite artists but the isp decimeter is apparently better, is this true?

Can I have some peoples opinions on this please?

Also I live in Ireland and there are NO decent music shops here so I can't try them out...

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i've never tried any of them but from WHAT I HEAR the ISP is the way to go
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Well i own a hagstom hollowbody and i bought my NS-2 to stop me getting masses of feedback when i used distortion and it actually manages it. I have to turn the decay down a lot and do some harsh gating but i can actually sit in front of the amp with my big muff fuzz pedal turned to maximum fuzz and it still won't feedback. Obviously on my other guitars i dont need such harsh gating since they arnt as prone to feedbacking as a hollowbody but in my opinion the ns2 is a very good noise gate.
ISP Decimator is a lot better than the NS-2, but if you don't mind the more apparent tone suck of the NS-2 you'll probably be fine... besides, I'm sure you could do worse.
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I myself use the NS-2, but the ISP decimator is apparently very good as well. Both of them have a good reputation, so I don't think you'll go wrong with either.
Only reason I went for the NS-2 in my case was the fact that I couldn't find the ISP in any of my local shops.
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everyone i know uses a boss ns-2, does the job fine, isp decimator is supposed ot be better but i tried it and they both did the same thing if you ask me
i woud get whatever one is cheaper where you live
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I prefer the ISP Decimator, Goliath is right about the tone suck
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