[UK] WTB: Full PA system, Mixing Desk and a Microphone (see more inside)

Hi everyone, Our band is in need of a PA system now our practices are getting more serious (and louser now we have a proper drummer) so we need a PA sytem that is loud enough to be used in small-medium sized venues with good quality.

I'm thinking around 300W with two Speaker Cabs and the required cables? Possibly some Cab stands if you have them maybe a 15" bass bin if its there too.

As for mixing desk, up for anything really but it must be at least 6 channel with 4 or more having its own EQ (not shared)

As for microphone, im open to decent offers, this will likely be used as both a Vocal Mic (live and practice) and for Guitar recording. I hear good things about Shure and Samson.

As for price range, I'm thinking around 200-ish for PA and speakers.
Accepting offers for other items.

Please don't reply with "OMG YOU'LL NEVER GET DA PAz0r FOR DAT PRICE!!!1oneone!"

I've done my research and I know how much these things go for £200 is good for a used PA.