what do people mean when they say they connect direct into the board ??? im a big zero in recording /mixer .. but whats exactly a mixer board ???

So heres the thing .. i have a marshall cab 4x12 .. im buying a tech 21 sans gt2 pedal soon . between that i dont really have an amp for right now ..

now almost everyone who have this pedal use it "direct into the board or P.A " ???

Is the sans gt2 a " stand alone pedal" that doesnt require an amp ??

any help about how that work would be great ...

What would i need between my 4x12 cab and the sans gt2 to make it sound good ???

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEYCsVtu3lA&feature=related : the guy plugged directly into his pC CARD into speaker .

can i do similar without the pc ...

Like my cab into (???? mixer- board ) and sans gt2 ??????

Any help would be great .. pics are welcome too .
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I own a GT2 myself. It's basically like a POD with no effects. In other words it's a pre-amp that simulates a tube amplifier. The output isn't really string enough to drive headphones (line out level only) but does go into PA mixers or recording devices nicely & is supposed to sound the same as if you mic'ed a speaker cabinet.
I've found it also makes a pretty nice front end distortion box to boos tyour signal before the guiatr amp and it can be used to bypass your amps pre-amp by going from guiTAR TO gt2 to amp's line in or effect return!

What do you need between the GT2 and cabinet?? An amplifier! As I mentioned above the GT2 output can barely drive headphones little lone a speaker.

Basically you'd need Guitar - GT2 - Mixer - amplifier - speaker cabinet. Or
Guitar - GT2 - mixer - PC line in.... or
Guitar - GT2 - PC Line in.
Moving on.....
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Like mentioned, the GT2 can be used as a distortion pedal or a preamp. Either way, you're going to need:

1. GT2 -> Amp -> Cab
2. GT2 -> Mixer -> PA
3. GT2 -> Poweramp -> Cab
4. GT2 -> Mixer -> USB interface and/or Line In