well, heres my problem:
i'm building a guitar with a locking nut...
i cut out the fingerboard, but didn't saw the frets yet
i thought, "hey, why is the fingerboard thicker than the nut?!"

so, heres 3 solutions i have, but am unsure,
1) like how on a strat, theres a cavity for the nut to go on the fingerboard
2) make the fingerboard thinner... i'm using ebony and it takes a hell of a long time to sand down.. at least with the sander i'm using
3) when i glue on the headstock, i'll make it about 1/4 of an inch higher at where the nut is so it reaches its required height

and also, unrelated to subject matter, whats the difference between an angled headstock and a non angled one.... (either way, i'm gonna be using a retainer bar)

edit: haha, i'm also really unarticulate with words
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The angled headstock pulls the strings into the nut, so that they don't pop out of their grooves when string bending. On a non-angled headstock, you have to use a retainer bar or string trees to do that. Since your using a retainer bar, I wouldn't angle it, as its easier to make it when its flat.
an angled headstock improves sustain and minimizes tuning issues
but since u have a locking nut, that doesn't matter
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