So my band had a show last night, and someone swiped or misplaced the power cable to my podxt live. and we have another show on thursday. could I go out and buy another power adapter thats of the same specs? Or do I have to order the line6 specific one

Its a 9v 2000ma minimum adapter, so if I bought one at radioshack, should work, yeah?
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power is power.

as long as its 9 volts, and the mA is roughly the same, it should run fine.

make sure the polarity is right, or you'll need to switch some wires around. which isn't tough, but is inconvenient.
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good luck finding a production version....9v at 2000mAH is gonna be much harder to find....
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i've run a set of roland drums (1000mah required) on a 200mah adaptor. the only thing that seems to happen is that the adaptor gets a bit warm compared to if it was just powering a pedal.

but yea, a 2000mah wall wart would be tough to find.. but if its close enough it should work with minimal fire risks
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I believe that is 9VAC. So you might have a hard time getting one from Radio Shack.