what are those? i am thinking of getting an amp. are they amps?
if not explain
Wrong forum, but what the hell.

No, amp cabinets simply house the speakers through which the Amp head runs. Unless you get a combo amp such as this:

The above is a combo amp, which means that the controls and the speakers are all fit together in one combo fixture. When you move on to half-stacks and full-stacks, you have a separate head:

The above is the head, which runs into the cab:

When using a stack, you must have a head and a cab. Just plugging into the head without a cab will cause damage to the head, and just plugging into the cab itself will produce no noise as there is no signal being sent to the speakers.

When the whole thing is put together (head and cab/cabs) you have this:

On another note, there was a kid who posted a picutre of him plugging straight into a cab and complaining about no noise coming out. This was like a few months back. made me lol hysterically.
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mhm. Btw, there's like enecyclopedias of other **** to be known about stack configurations and setups, so if you have any other questions, ask now.