Hey, this is my newest creation. It's pretty dissonant overall. A lot of stuff (mainly the whammy bar solo's) won't sound the way it should with midi, so maybe use RSE (which gets muddy though).

Edit: Made a few minor changes.

Phantasmic Devourment.zip
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Good lord sir!

The dissonance is frightening. I love it. This song is well constructed and just plain awesome.
It's so damn good, I don't have much to say about it.
The tone clusters starting at bar 82 are awesome.
And it just explodes after that.

I can't believe no one has critted this yet.
This is 10/10 easy.
I'm not a fan of this level of dissonance, but I'll try to remain unbiased, and thus I will avoid critiquing harmony.

Rhythmically and structurally, the song is interesting. Perhaps it's just how the chords hurt my ears, but the one section starting at bar 46 was a little boring & repetitive.

The solo was interesting. Of course, to me, not being in tune with this kind of music, it sounds like the entire thing was random notes.

Bar 107 was particularly interesting with the rhtyhm, but again I can't really critique it as it's not my cup of tea.

Keep it up though
Ok, imma try and be unbiased, as grindcore isn't really my thing, but here we go.

The first riff is alright. It gets a bit repetetive for me, but with vocals over it it would probably sound good.

I like the change, and m2 usage at bar 12. It just fits for me :] I like me some m2nds xD

I like the bass thing at 14, especially the use of wah. It intros the next part nicely. Which, the next part, is alright. Better than the first riff. I liked the trem-picked melody you have going on. It fits nicely. And the next tapping section is one of my favorites throughout. I like the way you harmonized it too. I like harmonizations like that :]

I like the chord you ring out. It flows smoothly into the clean part. Which, incidentally, is really good. I like the solo you threw out on top of it.

Onto the next part... just the same as the first couple riffs.

The thing you do at bar 46 I really don't like. That whole section just... doesn't sit well with me.

The next clean riff isn't bad. It just seems so boring... the guitar on top is pretty interesting; with the wah and everything. The drums are pretty standard for grindcore. The thing at bar 82 just kinda messes with my mind. It sounds like it's complicated, or you're doing a weird rhythm... but you're not. It's good but bad xD

The little solo thing was pretty interesting. The way the notes fell out of tune as you kept dipping the whammy bar was interesting xD The next riff is alright. The best part about it is Bar 97.

I REALLY like the riff at Bar 100. My favorite riff in the song (not lead ;]) When you harmonize it in 2nd's, it get a very video gamey quality to me.

The next solo is pretty good :] I like it. It fits the best with everything with me. I like the harmonized parts.

The thing starting at bar 120 is very, very ominous. I could definitely hear that part in a video game. I like it alot.

And then the way you build up suspense without it resolving is nice :] I like that alot.

Overall, a 7.5/10. Not my thing really, but some parts were really good :] Just... I dunno xD

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holy cow this is pretty disgusting

in a good way
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Sick man, I loved this song.

The intro riff is heavy as ****, bar 12-14 are pretty damn cool too, I'm really liking the dissonance in this song b/c you know how to use it, usually people just put dissonance in to sound cool and end up failing big time.

The tapping part at bar 20 is also a nice touch, reminded me of Meshuggah

Bar 30 - 37 = ? hahaha, whatever, it sounded creepy as hell like some child molestor creeping up on when you're a kid.

I also quite enjoyed the solo, its way diff. then what I'm used to hearing, I like the anarchy that's going on in there and especially the part after the solo. Scared the **** out of me at bar 82, I thought the song was going to end there haha

I want to someone pull of playing the lead at bar 90, don't ask me why but it reminds me of George Bush from that one episode of American Dad (26 seconds in and 1:16 into the video):


9/10 cuz its very different then what you usually see on these boards.

Def. an experimental piece like you stated, but I think it can be a way more too.

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Well then. I dont even know where to start. I've listened to it once. The dissonance made it prett much unbearable for me, and the rhythm patters didn't help. However you did have a few redeeming riffs in there, which i shall listen to again and comment on.

100 - This riff was pretty cool, kinda reminded me of Primus
107 - Reminded me of Lashed to the Slave stick by Nile, not bad.
132 - 133 Cool kina run up there.

Sorry it's such a terrible crit, but i'm not big on experimental music. I prefer it to have melody and (fitting) harmony and somewhat more conventional rhythm patterns.
I'm not much of a critic, so I'll just say what I thought of it.

It's not something I'd listen to if it were a real recording, the dissonances would hurt my ears. This is pretty original though.
I don't know how you do it.
I don't have the RSE (I don't want to use it either!) and it still sounds perfect with the MIDI.

You're awesome.
While, that was a horrible assault on my ears, I'm amazed that such chaos can be so well crafted.

You're a pretty unique talent. Keep up the good work.
-intro(up to bar14):it was kind of annoying imo, too many repetitions (vocals should do it)
-i like the dissonance, that tapping thing was great.
-bar 30: slimy, creepy feeling. bass. ?
-the dissonant part after that was ok, but it get more annoying every it repeats
-the non distorted part: creepy. i love it.
-similiar part, distorted: still love it. the drums make me feel like marching.
-sounds like back to main theme: very chaotic. i dont know why, but i like it.
-bar 100:makes me happy. idk why. it's just funny, sounds like the invasion of killer bees or something. devoured by killer bees. haha.
-the solo thing was sick. great harmonies.
-that main theme again. i start to hate it. but the 4/4 gaps are cool.
-aprupt ending. fits to the song imo.

it's really hard to crit your song, you know? whether you like it or not. that's it.
Oh God! What was that? You try to kill me?! :O To me it is perfert chaos and harmony just organized in bars and notes with some tempo. ****, I quit and go for a cigarrette to bring my brain to normal work. :[ 0/10
sounds like cephalic carnage meets King Crimson ala The Power to Believe. Awesome composition for the style it is in.