So i have a metallica gig on wednesday, and i could only get sitting tickets... i have never ever sat in a gig and i dont really want to..

so what i want to do is jump from the sitting to the standing area and get close up to "papa het" :P
anyone else done this before and got any tips?
Can't say I've ever been escorted to my seat at a seated gig so I suppose you could just wander over to the standing area after getting into the venue?
Go to your seats. Watch the support act, go down into the standing area.
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I just jumped over the fence thing, which separates sitting and standing and walked right to the front and got lost in the crowd and I was never found again...

Do that.
Make sure you land on a really fat person for a soft landing.
wen i ask they say that they fall into the habit smhw ........but nyways i think there is a connection smwhere. Now i being a teetollar will not give into this habit nyhw

You could probably change tickets whit some one at the show ore something.
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walk to the front, if any one trys to stop you, point at the floor and say shaplanfloor... ( i think thats the spelling) lol
I'm going to the same gig, could only get seating too but I'm only on row D and was told by a friend who was at the Manchester show that the stage is very close to the seating area because of the size of it and that there is only room for a few lines of standing on 3 of the 4 sides of standing area (I'm at the side, whoop) so if you're as close as I am then it won't be too far away

I would love to be standing but hey, I'd rather be seated than not see Metallica and Machine Head at all!
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Even if you in the seating location nobody actually sits down while they're are playing. Everybody stands. The same thing happened to me when I saw maiden last year.
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Stand where you're supposed to sit

or if you want to get closer to "papa het" and the rest of your surrogate family, they usually check your ticket at the entrance to the standing area, then tell you where to go (at least around here)
Good luck
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I'd prefer sitting at a gig, but then again i'm not very energetic. But yeah you could probably just sneak into a different area, they might check your ticket though.
theyll check your tickets before you enter standing from seated so you shouldnt be able to waltz right into standing
try swapping tickets with someone, shout it outside the venue, or your gonna have to jump the fence thing but that will probably be lined with security guards in which case youll get chucked out all together
All the gigs I've been too, there have been big 6'6 body guards guarding the standing area and only letting people in with standing tickets till about 15 mins from the end of the gig.

And the part to jump down onto somebody has been like high enough to basically break your legs if you jump.

I doubt you'd be able to do it. . but maybe in London we just have extra safe venues. .
sitting for chilled stuff standing for non. Sigur Ros for example make you ****in stand...dumb
Buy your tickets earlier.

Or better yet, don't go to see Metallica because their tickets are ridiculously overpriced (+they suck).
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Buy your tickets earlier.

Or better yet, don't go to see Metallica because their tickets are ridiculously overpriced (+they suck).

says the guy with extreme heavy death metal in his sig
metallica are awesome, admittedly they were better in there earlier stuff but they definately dont suck. And ive seen them on this tour live, it was amazing. laser show, pyrotechnics and big beach balls!!
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Buy your tickets earlier.

Or better yet, don't go to see Metallica because their tickets are ridiculously overpriced (+they suck).

Here's an idea, don't post when you don't know what you're talking about For this particular gig, the standing tickets sold out in pre-sale the day before the tickets were officially open (I know because I'm also going to the gig TS is, and was online at 8:57am the day they were made available to make sure I could get tickets).

It was either that or pay a horrendous amount for standing tickets from a third party.

P.S Keep your opinions to yourself if you're going to flame people's taste in music.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
Depends on who is working at the venue that night: if they aren't very observant (or don't have those ticket scanner things ) you, might be able to just walk into standing. If they catch on, you'll just have to take your seat, but you might be able to stand int the seated area - if they aren't forcing you to stay seated, which they sometimes do.
Do you know anyone with standing tickets? Cos if you do, and the set-up is anything like the SECC you can get into standing pretty easy

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i was at priest fest and i jumped from a 25 dollar ticket to a 100+ dollar ticket spot. But there weren't that many guards.
When i saw Maiden at madison square garden. There were hundreds of security fags and two fences you have to jump to get from seating area to GA.

No one sits regardless....

But anyway once the show starts everyone is gonna go crazy, and if you jump the gate from your area to the GA in front and blend in with a bunch of other metal looking guys the guards won't be able to find you, they might not even notice..

Or you could find two people with tickets to the very front.
Ask one of them to come out to like the refreshment area with both tickets by himself.
He'll give you one ticket and you both come back in.
Pretty easy as long as you know someone.
papa .. het ?


I remember going to see LSP and my friend got balcony tickets by accident, anyway we just went through the standing entrance with our tickets with no problem. There again that was in a smaller venue.
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Give the guys marshaling the standing crowd going in a tenner during the gig.