Alright all you stoners. Tell us about the most craziest,weirdest,scariest, ect. thing that happened to you while you were tootaly baked and stoned. I will start off.

one time i was skipping school and smoking a fat j with my bud and this other kid. I have a mouth full of smoke and some dude walks out. it was a janitor and i was scared shtless. I was about to cough so i blew my smoke out and it all went in his face. i thought i was screwed. i hear "sniff sniff, aha hey man that smells real good do you want me to keep the door unlocked for you so you can get back in?. and i was like "yea that would be cool" and he's like "alright have fun guys" lol

so how about you guys.
Well last night, I was drinking like a retard. About half way through the night some dude comes up with a nice fat one, so we smoked it with the 4 of us. At the end of the night i got on my bike, still pretty wasted. When i woke up this morning I had bruises everywhere, and my phone and mp3 player were completely destroyed... Must have been a fun ride home :P
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