Ok,first is is there anyway how to extract the audio track so I can put it on an mp3 to listen to?My drummer sent me a song I need to learn and I cant hear what it sounds like.

Second,how do I turn the pro tab into a text document?

And last how do I send the pro file through an email?(I need to email what i wrote to the rest of my band)

Thanks in advance
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I'm sure there's a way of converting them to .MP3 'cos my mate has a coupe of tracks he did on his phone. Unless he converted them to .WAV files I'm not sure.
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To turn it into an mp3 you will need some form of mp3 conversion software.

go to file>export>midi
then import the midi into mp3 conversion software and, voila, you now have an mp3.

to convert to written tab:

to put it in an email:
attach said guitar pro file to the email?
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