Hey ive just created an account and uploaded a tab but i cant seem to find it anywhere
any help on where i might find it on my profile or would i have to start again?
which tab was it and i'll check the approval queue and tell you if it has any votes, also take this to tab talk if you really NEED to ask where your yab is though your not really meant to.
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the status of your tab should be in your profile under contributions, chances are it's still under review
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Proceed with extreme caution!
This link will take you to the status of all your contributions.

A= accepted
W= Waiting
D= denied

You should get an email as soon as your tab is accepted (assuming you have the relevantoptions ticked on your profile) rather than coming back every few hours to check
Hi guys,
As a newly registered user I like to say hi to everyone who uses this forum. I am a newbie to this forum. I am NYK from Canada. I am glad to join your wonderful forum. Thanks
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