Hey UG

I bought this Strat body a little while ago, for a project guitar, but I've moved into a different direction, and I don't have a use for it anymore.

It's a Fender MIM Strat body, Electron Blue colour. Pre-routed for SSH (or SSS), output jack, 6-point trem, 11-hole pickguard, neck plate and control cavity.

Mint condition, never been used as an actual guitar as far as I know of it, it's spent the last few months nice and wrapped up.

I payed around 130 for it, but I'd be williing to get rid of it for around 100.
I live in Brampton, ON. About 45 mins from T.O.

Links to pics: (they were kinda big)

Sorry for the quality, phone pictures. I can dig up my digital if someone's interested.