The electric guitar volume swell is nice. And the harmonized licks after that are nice with that delay. But the rythm guitar is a bit palm muted. Or is at a classical guitar? And I`m not so sure about that that harmonized lick at 2:06. Maybe octaves instead of 4th or a 5th. But I would leave the part from 1:42 definately harmonized.
1:56 AWESOME! Really nice mild distortion.

about the acoustic intro solo:
I like the sound of the muted strings and you tremolo pick in a good way. Your subtile vibratos are also nice. Your acoustic diphthongs are nice and a good rake you have there sir!

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1092978 please?
Thank you so much for the crit MaxiMuse! Yeah the rythm is classical guitar ^^. Yea.. It gets kinda to much when the next lick is also harmonized.. But I'm thinking of replacing that lick with something else! Will check it out!