You can't... you're stuck here forever!

You just gotta leave it.

...but you may come back here, so ya never know

*thinks to himself*He'll come back... they always come back...

people always ask this for some reason.

it's not possible.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
you cant delete your account here at UG.

If you want to delete it because you dont use it anymore, then just dont use it anymore, and if you like label UG as spam in your email so it doesnt annoy you.

If you are concerened about some of the posts that you have made in the past, then go to your profile, and click the link that says, all posts made by sirmuffins and delete the offending posts, fi it is locked then get the single post link (can be gotten through the number in the top right hand corner of the post) and PM a mod, prefereably an s-mod(blue names) with the links and a reason for deletion. divid3d is usually happy to help out in this respect. You could also, change some of the personal details on your profile, so peopl dont connect your posts to you.

If you want to delete your account becasue you want to change username, then it realistically isnt going to happen. Unless you have a really good reason, name changes arent given. If you reckon you have a good reason, then PM an admin(red names)

DONT whatever you do make another account. It will result in the new account being permanently banned, and the old one will receive a ban also.

Hope this helps!

EDIT: looks like he's banned.... ^^waste of time