So ever since i changed my strings a month ago all of them tune fine...except for the 3rd string. I'll turn the knob to tune it and nothing will happen at first then suddenly it will make this sort of creaking sound almost like its snapping and then it will jump up to its normal tune. I've checked the string and there's no blemishes or anything on it but it still gets really unnerving trying to tune it. Am i doing something wrong or is this unavoidable?
You need to change your strings. When they get old they will start to loose their ability to hold tune.
i know that whenever i put new strings on, the G-string is always the one that gives me a lot of trouble. Usually whenever i put new ones on i usually leave them out of tune and pretty loose for a couple of hours until they get used to the tension. Then i go ahead and put them in tune. But other than that I'm not sure if you're really doing anything wrong.
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It's you nut!
Your strings are too tight in the nut.
Apply some nut-sauce (Lubricant)
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It's you nut!
Your strings are too tight in the nut.
Apply some nut-sauce (Lubricant)


You can get away with using pencil lead (graphite) as a cheap alternative, or if you're stuck.

Just grate the graphite into the nut slots and you're good to go.
sounds to me like they are slipping.
if you did a poor job restringing this happens too
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