Sounds pretty grindcore-ish. The lo-fi recording adds to it.
The guitar is a little too overpowering however, I can only hear drum crashes in the background with guitar. You need to work on the mixing and improving recording quality.

With a little more variation and post production you could be on to something, the music is a little bland as it is because of the lack of variation on tracks, however I did find it to be quite musically expressive.

Hope some of this was constructive

Thanks. I need to work on the sound yea, get a new mic (found the one im using now lol) and make more interesting riffs i guess. most of the tracks i made were the first take just jamming to drum track so thats why there not up to par on some. this is one of the only tracks where I actually spent some time working on it. I need a program to mix with as well.
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Ok cool man, keep working on it. You can achieve a lot with some good software,
If you wouldnt mind listening to my latest track?


I actually recorded it using a microphone that cost £2.99!
I'm only using very basic software at the moment, I can't be bothered to 'acquire' any more because what I have at the moment works fine!

I'm using Reason 3.0 for drums, absynth for synth, mic or guitar rig 2.0 for guitar and I use an outdated version of cool edit pro to mix the tracks and add post processing effects.