Hello again. I have yet another question.

I don't quite understand how to get a mode out of the major scale. For example, i play a major scale on the E string.

E 8--10--12--13--15--17--19--20

Now how do i get the second mode? (After Ionian, which is called Dorian, right?)? According to The Crusade, I have to start at the second note to get Dorian.. okay. Then it becomes:

E 10--12--13--15--17--19--20

I see no major difference, other than that i left out a note. Also the tabs in The Crusade are very different from what i have here. What am i doing wrong?

Second, i'd like to know the mode for natural minor, or the intervals to build natural minor.

Thanks for the help, UG.
Modes are about CONTEXT - you don't just play notes and "get" a mode, you need to establish a tonal centre that will keep things resolving from the more stable major or relative minor. The relative modes of any given scale will all contain exactly the same notes, as will the parent scale. The modes only come into play if the rest of the music dictates it.

Basically, no context - no modes.

I really think you need to slow down, you seem to be trying to learn everything at once and it's not going to happen. Just be patient and take time to actually learn and absorb things as you go - it's not a race, you've got the rest of your life to learn this stuff.
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Intervals of natural minor 1 2 b3 4 5 b6 b7.

TS, you need to listen to and analyse more music before you begin to ask about modes - you clearly are not aware of concepts like a tonic, harmonic resolution - there's more to it than the form of the scale on the neck. I suggest you take a break from these modal questions entirely until you get a bit more experience under your belt.