Hey all, I've been playing guitar for a little over a year and a half now and have always been interested in working on my improvisation skills. Right now I pretty much just know 1 position of the major scale and 2 positions of the minor pentatonic. Whats the best step I should take next to improve? Not necessarily which scale/position to learn next but anything. Some people have told me I should get really good at improvising with like 1 position before I expand outwards, but sometimes when jamming I feel that there's only so much I can do with 1 or 2 positions of the minor pentatonic (which is what I primarily use).

So should I just keep practicing with 1 position? If so how will I know when I've really "mastered" it enough to learn other things? Or should I learn the 3rd position and start incorporating more positions slowly? Or should I just learn all the positions all over the fretboard and just practice with all that?

Sorry my posts end up getting wordy sometimes but I just really wanna make sure I describe my problem well.

Thanks so much for the help!
learn the the key of C major / A minor over the entire fretboard

i would suggest learn it in pieces, learning 3 note per string portions starting with open, then moving up one note once you have the first section down. sorry if its not very clear what i mean, i can clarify if you want.

once you learn these in the key of A minor/ C major, you can easily play in any key by just using the same patterns and just starting on a different note. Also this will let you see how all the pentatonic boxes fit into your key and makes it easier to play whichever one you want in whatever key you want.

i dont know how you generally improvise, but if you're not using any kind of a backing track, you should try that out. Having something to play along with makes a world of difference in the way your stuff sounds and how you make it.

edit: ill write what i mean out so you can see it, should only take a minute or two.

edit2: !@#$ it, i wrote out the whole thing and powertab crashed...doing over again...
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Cool I definitely get what you're saying and I'll start to learn it all over the fretboard.

When I improvise I usually have a friend bring his guitar over and we switch off doing rhythm/lead. He doesn't really know any theory so when I play lead I just tell him play these chords for me in whatever key (usually C or G). Occasionally I use a backing track as well.

Thanks again, and if you or anyone else has any other opinions I'm still all ears!