Ok so ive been getting into hardcore music like the devil wears prada, attack attack, from autumn to ashes also saosin.. bands like that..im just looking to put more singing and less screaming but not to drastic.. so yeah what makes a good breakdown? i hear ones that have alot of chugs and double stops.. so yeah..
fire away

also if you would like to suggest other bands for me that would be nice also

and check out exiting the fall.. i saw them at a gig the other night they are wicked good
also about the exact style im looking at.. there local so just myspace them

but yeah thanks someone posted and said those bands were more screamo.. my bad.. but yeah check out exiting the fall there almost exactly how i want to start playing.. like genre wise.. besides the Christian rock part no offense to anyone who is but im not religious at all.

this is copy and pasted from another forum.. thanks for pointing me in the right direction something goldfish.. sorry for butchering your name thanks though ^-^
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tom beats on the drums is a good one e.g playing on the floor tom instead of the hihat/ride.

also stay on the lower strings.

// my 0.02$
You like it
Non- repetitivity (if that'a a word) is an extremely important part of a breakdown to me. When ALL you do is chug on some power chords on the low E, it gets boring to me really quick, so add something interesting. Check out Unearth's breakdowns, they're my personal favorites.