Input Requested - Looking for marketing ideas/ ideas to better our business

I work at a gym here in Colorado. Lately, our memberships have begun to decline. We have a great gym - plenty of machines and free weights, many aerobic classes (all free with membership), competitive mebership prices, and a clean and good workout environment. I'm looking for some ideas on what you guys would look for when looking to get a gym membership.

So if anyone can give me some idea/suggestions on what we can do to increase our business, please do so. Much Appreciated! Thanks!
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Please. My employment may rely on what I can do to help get more business.
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unisex changing room but women are not allowed any form of clothing inside the room.
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Please. My employment may rely on what I can do to help get more business.

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sell cocaine. It will make the users hyper and want to run and be very active, then they will burn out and buy moar. its a harmless marketing technique, similar to cigarettes and cocaine.
It's probably just the economic downturn lately, it'll probably pick up whenpeople find new jobs etc but in the mean time try to get more students and such,younger folks with disposable income and a need to work off too many beers at the weekend so flier up a few dorm buildings and student hang outs... then again i am very far from an expert on marketing and have no idea what i'm talking about.
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-Try lowering your prices, but make sure you advertise it. PROFUSELY.

-Maybe specially priced days, idk, 2$ tuesdays or something, well not that low lol.

-You should make a referall program, one guy buys a membership and can reffer 3 other guys. if they become members the original guy gets 50% off his membership or something.

-Extending your hours abit.

-Try and get some business deals with local health and nutrition stores. after 3 day passes, you get a free coupon for idk, something in the store, or like you give them a 10$ or 20$ worth coupon to a store. bigger memberships get bigger deals at stores.

-Maybe the look just isn't right for your general customers. Does your gym look like a grungy basement with shady guys looking at you in the corners, or is it an intimidating hard-edged meat head hangout, or maybe it's a techno-tweaker's play centre where they show off their tans and like to be loud and proud of their fake steroid filled bodies, when really everytime they go, they do one set of somethnig and then talk and gab like little girls.

-The size could be an issue, i personnaly hate small gyms. especially when they get crowded.

-You're an idiot if your walls arent covered with mirrors.

-Adjust and test the music, see how people react to it.

-Hopefully you have rules, just the usual stuff. make sure your staff take authority to them, people will leave if some people dont respect them and staff dont do anything about them. People will stay if rules are broken, but if the staff actively and openly does something
about it.
certainly where I live there's a large market for teenagers (14 to 16 ish) who aren't allowed everywhere.
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Have like a "Free Friend Friday" or something. If a member brings in a friend, they get in for free.

Try a referral program. If someone gets their friends to sign up, they get a discount or something.
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Take advantage of the fast growing mma trend these days. Mixed martial artists are in phenomenal shape, so create workout regimens applying to mma. It's also the fastest growing sport, lots of fans, lots of possible customers.