Question: Is there any benifit or disadvantages to having your middle finger on your picking hand kinda, reinforcing, your index finger by pushing up on it, ive been playing like that for a day or two now and im not shure if i should continue doing it.

i have decided that there is no right or wrong picking choice. I put both middle finger and index finger on the pick. try a couple other ways of picking over the next couple days and youll be able to tell if theres a better way or the way you do it is really the best for you.

oh and dont ask me how i know but i think johnny ramone picked like the way you described
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You shouldn't do this - it creates extra tension in your hand.

I agree with this. Although it may feel comfortable, your picking technique can improve faster if you can hold your pick with just your index and thumb. For instance, I noticed a difference in my tremelo picking when I stopped holding my pick with my middle finger, and went down to just thumb and index.

I'd say try to work on just your index and thumb, but if you start to suck with that, move back to your three finger plan.
I suggest index and thumb only. Less tension like Freepower said and more flexibility.