I am going to be visiting San Antonio in a few days and this guy is willing to sell me both for 300 American Dollars and include a stand and a 20 feet chord.
Do you guys think this is a good deal. I was originally trying to find an amp that i can use for gigs and was willing to spend 300 to 400 dollars for it.
Does the Vox fit my needs?
I like music like Muse, The mars Volta, Radiohead, The strokes ect.
The Vox is awesome, buy it.

Telecaster, not so sure about...mgiht be good for your style of music...so probably...just meh
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Well he is willing to sell the amp by its self for 180
he says it just says a few scratches but it works great.
120 for a squire telecaster didnt sound to bad either but im not sure. what do you guys think?
i bought the amp new for $200. try to ask him for less because it's used WITH scratches. It gets gig-worthy loud too, so don't think because it's only 30 watts, it can't get loud...
The guitar is a pretty good deal , but I would try to get him to bring the price down on the amp.
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The amp's ok. Not the best, but it'll work. If you are looking for a gigging amp, that thing probably won't cut it, unless you mic it, though. The Squier Tele Custom, I couldn't tell you about, cause I don't know what you mean. Is it a customized Squier tele? The dual humbucker/P-90 version? What is it?
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