I'm buying a Les Paul standard, but I have been confused over the matter of a plain top guitar vs. a plus top guitar. Is there any difference in the performance of the two guitars or are you just paying 70 more dollars for the flamed maple veneer?

..paying $70 for a flamed maple top basically. I know there is the thing about maple tops brightening up the tone a bit but when you get into that level of detail i dont think people notice things like that.

Although flame maple is sexy...thus you are paying $70 extra for sexy.
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Yeah theres no difference, just cosmetic and $$$
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Yeah, it's only the Flamed Maple top that makes the difference
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$70 for sexy? Hah, I guess I can pay the extra 70 bucks, especially for a guitar thats going to last me a very long time. Thanks for the quick reply.
I was offered a plus top for £50 more for my Tokai but I actually preferred the plain top version.
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