So my strings, mainly A but E and D sometimes, buzz. They do this unplugged too, like rice in a balloon. I thought it was the bridge, but I think I now know where it is comeing from.

It seems to be my neck pickup. It has a small degree that you can tilt it to. I move it forwards, no buzz. Move it back, buzz.

Anyone else found this?
And how do I keep it forward?
if it buzzes while unplugged then chanes are it is cuz the action is too low.
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what type of guitar?
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But I press on the pickup and no buzz, so it's not the action?

And it's an Epi G400 Custom. Sorry, should of said before.
is this playing the strings open? see if your pickup is too high up, if it's down low and not touching the strings then high the action a bit. if you don't know how to im sure there is a tutorial online here on UG or just google it.