my grades have been getting worse by the day since i started using UG.

ive said every day that im not gonna go on here as it is seriously affecting my life.

but im obsessed and i really cant help it. I have realised the only way over this obsession is if it is no longer available to me.

so i have to ask, can i please be banned from using the forums.
id like to have my account still for when i decide to submit tabs etc but i think its best for my life to be permabanned from the forums

thanks everyone and especially the hugging thread which has seriously helped me through rough times

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First of all, WHY would you think it's good to make a thread when this only between you and a mod?

PM a mod, tell them your situation, and they will ban you. If you do that, you can post in FoTB and they will more than likely unban you during the summer.

Use common sense before posting or you'll be banned for spam instead of this request.

And you also can't be banned from just forums. You'll either have to show some self control, or just have priorities.

And even when you're banned, you'll still get on, everyday and look at the same threads over and over again in FoTB.
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wait a sec. You used the hugging thread to get through rough times... When you said you weren't going to be on UG?
I bet they don't even ban you. Just to spite you.

You and your DISOBEDIENCE.

You can never leave.

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The only reason it exists is because drugs get people fucked up, and people love getting fucked up.

You can't submit tabs while banned. So either grow some balls or PM a mod to be banned forever.
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