any wellknown bassists that use a fingerstyle similar to folk acoustic? i started out on acoustic and although i have played guitar alot longer, i eventually found a major respect and love for Bass once i started learning fingerstyle on acoustic. in regular acoustic fingerstyle i do use mostly two fingers for faster runs, but once thats over i prefere using thumb, index, and middle. just curious if this is a wellknown style among bass too.

sorry for the long letter lol.
Richard Bona (harr, harr) uses the technique on a few songs. Check out Dina Lam.
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There are many more, just their names escape me for a moment. I'll reply when I can think of any more.
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Seemann by Rammstein I'm pretty sure is played that way - at least it looks like it in the music video. That is a very pretty bassline.
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Sting for sure. Frankly I came from a classical guitar background and the hand position you use in fingerstyle for guitar can be a hindrance in bass.