Those of you who have heard me rant 'n' rave about this piece of work can now see what I mean:

1985 Aria XX-1 Pro in Turquoise Fade (I call it Teal Sunburst). Single humbucker (will be switched out for a Dimarzio PAF Pro) single tone knob, Alder body with bolt-on maple neck. Very low action. Could make a good project guitar, no? Whattya guys think?
Yeah, it should be a good project guitar.
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it looks nice, but I don't even want to imagine how bad the neck dive is on that thing. It looks really off balance.
you mean with the bridge? it's not an FR or any type of double-locking trem. It's similar to the old Fender style.

EDIT: that's my bad. I didn't realize what you were talking about. The thing is off balance because of the way it's sitting in the wall hanger, and also thanks to the angle the picture was taken. I've played it and it's really well balanced for a V-style guitar.
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ya i meant that the neck and headstock just look massive compared to the body
The body kinda fades into the black background.

Here's a less mirage-ish picture, though of the newer XX-1:

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