Just a simple question:

How do you know which string to pluck when there's something like this...


thanks for any answers in advance.
It means fingerpicking - where you use your fingers instead of the pick, in this case i'd use my thumb to pick the D string and my first finger for the E and play them together
im guessin you play em both at the same time. You can use a finger and a thumb (no pick) and pluck both at the same time or you can deaden the G and B strings with the finger you're using to play the 7 on the D strings.
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stairway to heaven im guessing?

you play both at the same time. You can either fingerpick that part (say use your thumb for the d string, and ring for the high E). Or you can still use your pick to hit the D string, and then use one of your other fingers to play the high E. I fingerpick that part though
either finger pick them together or if you would rather use a pick, make sure you mute the G and B strings. (first time i refered the 2nd/3rd strings as B and G)
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If the entire song is meant to be finger picked, then don't use a pick. A lot of songs transition back and forth though, and that is known as hybrid picking, so it's good to learn how to do it with and without a pick, depending on the type of music you would want to play of course. Brian Setzer is a pretty textbook example of switching back and forth. Buckethead does it sometimes as well.
There are three ways you can play this.
The first is by strumming it like a chord. However, the challenge to this is making sure you don't let the open strings ring out. You mute the strings with the fleshy underside of your finger. A common example of this being use is in octave shapes-


In this case, your index finger on the A string mutes all the other strings. This will take practice, but eventually it feels very natural.

the second way is with a technique called hybrid picking.
In this case you pick the first note, and pluck the second note with your middle finger.

The third way is by finger picking, picking the first note with your thumb and second with your middle finger.

I hope this has cleared up your questions!