Me and my brother have been working on a song and I am letting another guitar come in and solo during a bridge type moment. It is a soft song with the piano leading during verse 1, chorus 1, verse 2, chorus 2. I play the bass going with it.

Then during the bridge I fingerpick on a guitar the chords of the root notes I played on the bass for 8 bars while the rest of the group quiets down. I was wondering if letting a guitar softly solo over the next 8 bars was to long a time or what for a solo to be going on. Also wondering if these are good scales to solo over these chords with:

C Chord - Am Pentatonic Scale
G Chord- Em Scale
Am Chord- Am Scale
F Chord- Dm Scale

Thanks for the advice and input in advance.
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You can play minor pentatonic shapes all you want over the major chords, they will still sound like the major pentatonic equivalent.
8 bars for a solo is rather short. Now, it depends on the tempo, but overall if the solo is interesting and well placed 8 bars should never be "too long".
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Depends on what works best. You make it out to sound like a ballad, so no matter the length, make it melodic. It's certainly not an opportune time for a chops fest, so make it just long enough to establish a melodic idea, build it up, and lead it out to the next part of the song.
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I'd say play in C major (A minor) for the whole solo.

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As long as you see fit, 4 bars solo's can work, as do 3 minute solo's. As long as it fits and sounds right you're ok to go.

(although for your type of playing I would go for 12 bars or 16 bars or something.)
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I'd say play in C major (A minor) for the whole solo.

You cannot play in A Minor over a progression in C Major. It's literally impossible. Both scales have the same notes, and since the progression resolves to C, then the any melodies played will also resolve to C.