Got a new amp on Friday. Bugera 6260 and matching cab. T'is a beast.

If anybody is buying one i'll happily shove some sound clips up for you of it CRANKED.


Edit: Clip on my UG profile - just a few random riffs... Not entirely happy with the sound im getting from the SM57, t'is sexual in real life =D
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Happy NAD!

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Happy NAD, now check BeerChurch's blog regarding stuff to check up on with teh Boogeras.
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Happy NAD!

I own the 6262 combo, but I still want clips.
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Sure thang. I'll do it when everyone is out the house tomorrow morning.

Congrats, man! I'm looking forward to hearing teh kleepz. I've actually never tried a Bugera, even though I've had many opportunities
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^yeah i need to get my hands on one. new amp day, and just like some dude said, check out beerchurch's guide

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congrats man
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nice, put up some tubez pr0nz.
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Clips or it's a bugera


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Clips or it's a bugera



Also, it is Bugera that has all the reliability problems, or am I confusing them with Mesa or something?

Anyway, HNAD!

*quietly snickers because TS put nad instead of NAD which reminds Saints of gonads and testicles...*

Lolwut. Yeah, it's bugera that has all the reliability problems, buti think i'll be alright aslong as i do the few minor fixes and dont through the thing in and out of a transit van 20 times a week...

Clips in an hour. =D