Hey, I need a new acoustic for my band class at school. My old Ibanez is getting really beat up. Iwant to know what good acoustic I could buy that would be between $200-$500. Acoustic-Electric would be even better. I've been looking at a Fender CD-100 but I want to know what else to look for.
i bought a takamine acoustic/electric for about 300 hundred and I love it - I have played a few takamines in that price range and they are all great - check em out if you have a chance
check out 'tanglewood' and 'norman' and make sure to play it before you buy and make sure you like it. elixir strings make a whole world of difference too and last for ages on acoustic.
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seagull makes a few great guitars under $500. Check out the S6, Entourage Mini Jumbo, or maybe even a Maritime model.
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i love my dean acoustic-elec east andes...bought used for 200 on CL, runs around 400-500 new.