I have an Ibanez S5470, still with the stock pickups. They sound too thin, though. Too transparent. Especially the neck pickup. The neck pickup has a twang almost like a single coil, but I want a warm, smooth tone. No twang. The bridge pickup isn't as disappointing, but again, a bit too twangy.

I'm running straight into my Peavey 5150, no pedals. I play various types of rock, but my band plays more 80's-oriented thrash. My amp has no problem sounding how I need it to sound, but the pickups are seriously lacking. I'm not too worried about replacing the single coil, since I don't use it too much.

Also, while I want a warmer, thicker sound, I don't want anything muddy. I want to keep it crisp. That's probably more up to the amp, though.
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um a SD JB in the bridge dunno about the neck
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