Okay so I have a fairly cheap Alvarez Acoustic that I think was around $300 about 2 years ago. Now I know this isn't super great quality guitar, but it always sounded really good and I liked it. It was probably since I changed the strings the first time that I noticed the sound wasn't as good anymore. It doesn't have that rich, acoustic sound that I like so much. I tuned my girlfriends friend's guitar the other day for her and that even sounded better than mine. It was one of those stupid borderline toy guitars. So my questions is is it the strings? I use Medium Polyweb Elixir strings. Does anybody have experience with those and know if they're any good? Or what strings does you guys use that give that nice acoustic sound?
:stickpoke thats pretty much it
I use Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky on my acoustic. But to do that, i had to have my guitar set up for the pressure and stuff, but in my opinion they sound awesome
YOu should be using phosphor bronze strings on an Alvarez. Thats the difference. You need to change them frequently too. Every month at least.