hey, i am looking for a good guitar to play music along the lines of maps and atlases and minus the bear. I am looking for a nice semi hollow like dave davidson but seeing as that guitar is in the 3k+ range, it is not happening for me. i've been looking at the epiphone 335 imitations like the epiphone dot, sheraton II, and casino but seeing as i have never played one of those, or a semi hollow at all, i need some advice. i will of course go to the music store to check these out but just trying to see if there are any other opinions. btw when i talk about maps and atlases and minus the bear i mean a guitar that i can tap on
Meh. Get a Strat or a Tele.
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If you want a semi-hollow that's like an ES-335, definitely get an Ibanez Artcore AS series. They're a million times better than the Epi Dot.


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you got any suggestions for a good strat in the 400-600 dollar range, my bandmate actually has a tele and after tapping on that compared to my yamaha aes620 or my epiphone custom les paul i didn't want to play on my own guitars anymore. i actually hear epiphone les pauls aren't bad for tapping but i can not get good sounds above the 12th fret, and im positive it has nothing to do with my technique
i know that ian williams from don caballero plays a les paul junior, and he pretty much created the definitive math rock tapping sound. the guy from maps and atlases uses an SG

i like to use something jangly and fendery, like a jag or mustang through a vox.
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You might want to try it. If you decide to buy it, make sure to check the intonation/bridge height/truss rod position, as it might need some adjusting.
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i meant the singer/guitarist, dave davidson, at least in the live video for artichokes he plays a nice looking semi, but the fender does seem nice. the thing i liked most about the telecaster is that it has a really flat fretboard that seems to make it really easy to tap. i have a feeling my epiphone les paul might just be in bad shape... i may just put some money into getting it a tune up and mods
try a hagstrom viking, my friend has 1 and its REALLLLY nice
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