So, I just bought a Martin Dx1, which was the best I could find for my price range. It only has one problem it seems like the saddle makes a buzzing sound when I hit my top 3 bass strings mostly the A and D in frets 0-7. I don't think its fret buzz cause it sound like the saddle. So I tried taking out the saddle, but it is glued in! I also tried sanding and then using a box cutter to make bigger indentations in the saddle. Then I tried sticking a piece of cloth between the saddle and the strings. That didn't work either....

Anyone know how to fix this?
If you're sure it isn't fret buzz, it sounds like you may have a loose brace inside the guitar. Reach into your soundhole and gently feel around for loose braces. Or, if it's new, just exchange it -- it isn't worth the trouble if you can get a replacement.