I've been trying to teach myself guitar for a few months now and have gotten basicly nowhere. Can anyone help me learn a better way to teach myself?
Try to learn scales, techniques, and guitar skills such as fingertapping or other stuff. Scales helped me out so I make up my own stuff.
well...theres no good way to just suddenly teaching yourself without know what to learn.

i would personally get an instructional dvd or just to first learn tablature and then chords.

look it up in the lessons on this site i'm sure there are both tab lessons and a huge collection of chords.
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youtube videos and theory books. and i'd recommend getting a teacher.
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look for step by step lessons online that go through an orderly way.
your gonna wanna start with picking and fingering techniques then probably rhythm and then you go from there.

finding a guitar teacher wouldnt hurt either
I would start with the bare basics. I am self taught, exclusively. I have practically played with myself a whole lot up until more recently. You need to practice every day for at least an hour. I would suggest running a simple 1-2-3-4 pattern across 4 frets, going up and down the strings to get your finger strength better. Then, learn your open major and minor chords. After you learn them, remember them, and can smoothly transition between them, learn barre chords. If your finger strength is good, start learning some scales. They will help you be able to play something that sounds decent and is enjoyable; and will give you insight on how to make your own things up.

Make sure you check around this site for help, and check this one also:


It has been useful to me throughout the years I've been learning, and still is. It has all of the scales and chords among other things.
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If your looking for tips on how to improve your guitar skills, then try the Guitar Techniques Forum. Its filled with helpful threads on beginner songs to learn and theory to help you move up in your playing. Also be sure to have a look throught the lessons section of the site, for in depth lessons on loads of different topics

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