so im learning the unforgiven solo and once you get to the segment where youre doing some bends in the upper frets im haveing some real trouble, i think the bend is a 20 to 22 and when i do it my guitar sounds, well, like crap. its sounds almost like one of those noisemaker/kazoo things, ive got a couple theories on why it sounds like that. idea 1 is not enough distortion, idea 2 is that i cant do vibrato on a higher bend like that. so, any advice?
when you do it, do you just have the one finger on the 20th fret or do you have "helping" fingers on the 19th and/or 18th?
Check to see if the string is hitting a pick up or something else...
you may be causing the other strings to sound when you're bending
practice, practice, practice!
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it takes practice to do vibrato on high bends like that, but it will sound good once you can get that.
also, i think when kirk recorded the solo, he ditched his pick to sound more like SRV or jeff beck, in that sort of percussive style, so give that a try maybe if youre not doing that?
dont give up, because its a great solo =]
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