id say im a decent guitarist. i can play about any song if i try hard enough.

so my question is how would i start writing a song? scales? if so what scales? any other suggestions?

lol sorry for all questions i mostly play metal
thanks in advance
Play what sounds good.

Mess around with a little bit of theory and what you like.

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just because you can play any song if you try doesnt mean you can make a song yourself necessarily. can you improv? and i dont mean just over a blues progression.

while it isnt necessary, theory helps a great deal. scales arent too important besides for figuring out progressions, you just play what feels right really.
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from experience i cant say there is a formula to writing a song, as said above just play what sounds good to you, you can always tell when songs have had too much thought and theory go into them and it takes away so much emotion from the music, it sounds nice but there's something missing.
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Learn to play your favorite songs, see what the guitarists do, learn the theory behind what's going on, and behold, you can now write music.
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theory states 1+1=2 sometimes in music 1+1=3.
well... Look at life write about it. Im a purely self tought player... I cant play a scale... Do it by ear
lol it's kinda hard getting started when someone says 'just write something you like' isn't it?!

I'm still a noob, but I can tell you what my teacher told me - might get you started, then when you get confident you can start just 'writing what sounds good'

To start with, pick a key, and just stay diatonic - you can always mix it up later, but keep it simple while you get a feel for it. Split it into sections. Make up a riff - probably using the minor scale in that key if you like mainly metal. Then make up a chord progression (using chords from whatever key you chose), then add a powerchord section, and a more interesting chord progression that you can write a solo over - then piece it all together and voila! you've got a song. It might not be the greatest song in the world, but its yours. And the next one will be better, and probably less formulaic. And have fun!