I need some new music. Haha, im just always listening to the same stuff. I need some new stuff. I have a couple of cd's of the bands I like but i need some variety... of the same genre.

I figured the best way would be to ask UG about some bands. And i'll buy a cd soon.

I didn't know where to put this but i guess modern rock fits best. Im wanting modern rockish- light metal/hard rock

My definitions of both

Modern: Three Days Grace. Newest seether cd. Anberlin. Pearl Jam, stuff like that.

Harder rock/ light metal: Latest 2 A7X cd's. Older Seether. Enter Sandman ( i know its a song, but still that kind of metal thats not screamo crap and stuff).

Those are just some ideas.

I don't want something with explicit content. I mean if its like avenged sevenfold or seether and one or two songs swears a little I guess thats fine. But for the most part, clean stuff. Preferably no sticker on teh front.

So any ideas for some good bands like that?
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sixx am, buy the "heroin diaries" cd, its pretty cool
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Well my fav band at the moment is forward russia, his voice some may not like but the whole style I think is great... other than that how about death from above 1979, mars volta, or the hives... if you like punk a bit id recomment the empire strikes first from bad religion, punk but pretty rocking
You'd probably like Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Bad Religion and NOFX if you can do punk-ish stuff. Metallica's Black Album. Alice In Chains. Green Day.

btw broaden your horizons bro.